Products And Services

Mining Related Work

  • Developing and stoping
  • Wire-mesh and lacing (Secondary support)
  • Wetcrete and Super Skin applications
  • Long Anchor Bolting
  • Rock Consolidation
  • All underground pipe installation
  • Construction work (including track work, switches, concrete work and box-fronts)
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of underground workings, Set installations, sweeping, Vamping and Reclamation
  • Equipping of travelling ways
  • Ventilation walls and void filling (air-o-cem)
  • Vent construction


  • Construction work
  • Earth Moving
  • Demolition
  • Any engineering
  • Mechanical and Engineering repairs
  • Design and manufacturer of cement pumps also any mono type placer pumps.


  • Safety equipment
  • Construction related materials and supplies
  • Any mining related items
  • Mono pump spares
  • Any type cement and additive

MCS has built a good reputation in the public industry through our constant belief and insistence in good-quality work with maximum impact.

Graphic Display of how Consolidation works

Download  MCS-Presentation2 to view a Graphic Display of how Consolidation works